Learn to windsurf - Windsurfing Beginner Courses

Take your first steps in Zakynthos, on one of the most exciting water sports.

Fast track Lessons

Lessons for everyone who wants to get the feeling of windsurfing. Balance, elements of nature and the most important movements, are things you are going to learn whithin a few hours.

Theoretical Training

Prior getting in the water, there is theoretical training and preparation. The windsurf lessons take place in a peaceful beach, with a 220-litre beginner board and a sail of 2,5 to 3,5 square meters.

Getting in the Water

Initially you will be trained to get a balance on the board and then perform the basic movements. The next stage is the course, the 180-degree turn, followed by maneuvers, jibing and tack.

Legal Notice

* Ages up to 8 years old
* Swimming ability required
* All windsurf lessons are done weather permitting
* Licensed Instructor and lifeguard


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Come close to the nature

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Get the feeling of a surfer

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Enjoy the water

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Feel the Wind

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Zakynthos Windsurf Lessons

Enjoy Sun, Sea, Crystal Waters, Feel the Wind and become a true Windsurfer

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Beginner's equipment provided

VDWS certified windsurf instructor

Suitable for adults and children